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Puppy Therapy

One of the important things in life for seniors is having good health. Recently, Foxes Grove’s Social Service Director brought in her puppies to have a puppy day with the residents. The smiles on the resident’s faces were priceless. After having one successful day we decided it would be good to have a second puppy day.

Foxes Grove is not new to having pets. Foxes Grove residents can have birds, fish, cats and service dogs. Therapy dogs also come at least once a month to visit our residents.

Pet therapy is good to use for promoting health and healing. Some of the benefits of pet therapy in elderly include lowering cholesterol levels, fighting depression, preventing heart attack and strokes. Other benefits include creating emotional stability, providing physical exercise, promoting self-esteem and socialization.

Whether it is just having a puppy day for the residents or them bringing their pet from home Pet therapy helps to make people feel better, happier and healthier.